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Sergio Cirno Bissi 


Carmignano, Itália, 1902 – Florença, Itália, 1987.


Bissi was a professional painter for more than five decades, bringing Italian culture to canvas. 

Presenting the many faces of Italy, from past to present, his art captures both ancient traditions as well as current lifestyles, allowing for numerous compositions filled with emotional impact. 

With his delightful and commanding impressionistic flair Bissi captures color, form and texture painting intimate scenes of the Italian people. With charm, sensitivity and grace he paints his countrymen in their natural environment, his paintings expressing their innocent lifestyle, unaffected and unspoiled by modern industrialism. 

Reminiscent of the Post–Impressionist Italian painters, Bissi shows the technique of Divisionism in his art. Separate strokes of color are placed side by side, contrasting and illuminating the individual and inherent brilliance of each pure tone. To the novice his brushwork appears random in its placement, but this illusion of disorder is merely a classic example of Impressionism at its finest. When viewed from a distance each composition comes to life, clear, forthright and visually appealing. No hard edges or lines can be seen in his art. Every stroke is freely placed on the canvas, light and delicate, swiftly applied thereby resulting in a series of interacting blushed tones. Yellows, reds, blues, golds, greens and more, meld and polarize. . .creating dazzling scenes that make his style both unique and inimitable. 

Bissi’s art is saturated with color, gifts of loveliness to the eye. Interestingly, before Bissi became a professional painter he was an internationally renowned actor of Vaudeville Theatre. He traveled half the world from Oslo to Capetown, from Berlin to London, down into France and Spain. These exciting years opened his eyes to the beauty of European culture and the fascinating terrain found around each city and town. These memories are now recalled artistically transformed onto canvas in intimate and spontaneous scenes. 
Bissi has exhibited throughout Italy and his works can be found in private collections in France, England, America and South America.






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