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Georges Alexandrovich Lapchine


Moscou, Rússia, 1885 – Paris, França, 1950.


Georges Alexandrovich Lapchine was born in Moscow in 1885. Painter and graphic artist. In the early 1900s studied at the Stroganov’s College. In 1906 traveled to Paris where studied for three years in the studios of Cormonne and Lermit. Upon his return to Moscow participated in the exhibition of the Independent in 1910. Became a member of the group called “Svobodnoye Tvorchestvo” (“Free Art”) (1911-1917). During Soviet times participated in the first and second exhibitions of the Union of the Moscow artists (1918 and 1919). Participant at the First Russian art exhibition in Berlin in 1922. In 1920s settled in Paris where actively exhibited at galleries and salons. Died in Paris in 1950.

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